Trading System BUILDERFX

We operate the BUILDERFX trading system. The following principles are used within the trading system.

It uses the M1, M5, H1, H4 and daily time frame. The system depends on the principles of Kleitner channels and Bollinger bands and Fib levels. The system uses over 30 trading pairs including crosses like EURAUD, EURNZD, GBPAUD, GBPNZD. The trading system is one of the most heavily trained and monitored systems to ever be available to retail clients.

The trading system has two pillars at its core. Markets are either trending or non-trending. BUILDERFX uses tools for both these markets inside one trading system thus making it extremely profitable for clients.

The two pillars are:
1. Divergence Trading : Forex markets almost always is non trending. You will be glad to know that BUILDERFX uses concepts of "DIVERGENCE" in trends on the hourly, Four hourly and daily time frames. Forex markets for more than 90% of time in range trading and rotate in a range which can e fairly large. BUILDERFX is adept at trading divergences. More than 80% of its profits come via divergence trading ONLY. Divergence Trading can be explored here

2. Trend Trading: There is a small percentage of time when forex trading is all about TRENDS. Pairs keep rising or they keep falling with no regard to any resistance or supports. Fib levels and MA levels are of no use as bilions of dollars will push prices in unstoppable wave of trend movements. What works in step 1 will not work in step 2. Trend trading requires great skill. BUILDERFX uses candle stick patterns and cluster trading to trade TRENDS. Very popular trading patterns like INSIDE DAYS, OUTSIDE DAYS, EXPANDING CANDLES, HAMMER PATTERNS, HEAD AND SHOULDERS PATTERNS, FAILED HEAD AND SHOULDER PATTERNS and plain Simple Moving average confluence are used extensilvely to Trend Trade. Trend Trading can further explored here