Trading Performance BUILDERFX 2010-2018

BUILDERFX has one of the most extraordinary long running trading system anywhere.

The monthly return profile since 2010 shows how profitable the system has been. Not a single losing month and through extremely rough market environment, the system has been able to stand profitable. It stands testimony to its ability to change and adapt its trading system. The system works on Divergence and Trend Trading as the core of the system. So it is designed for different market environment.

Here is the general summary of the above. On an average the system is capable of generating very high returns every month. It can generate upto 27% return on an average. The trades show a average return capacity of 0.24R. The risk reward is extremely favorable with win rate of nearly 72%. These are obviously metrics that support a great trading engine underneath.

Equity curve : 2010-2018

However when running on MT4 on clients, we are running the system at a much lower risk and return profile. But the sheet will let you know the power of BUILDERFX. There is absolutely no other system which comes close to BUILDERFX in terms of sheer profitability and ability to make returns. If ever there was a system that stood a chance of tripling your capital in a single year, then it has to be this system right here.

We are running this system with great amount of risk management so returns will be slightly lower (5-20% a month). However clients can let us know if they wish to keep the risk on the account to full measure and therefore stand a chance to make full returns.

This is a very powerful trading system. The above record proves that.

The full trading of each and every trade taken since 2010 can be requested on email: