Trade Copier FAQs

How can I trade the builderfx TRADES?
All builderfx trades are made available via the trade copier which copy the trades to clients accounts. All a client needs is a MT4 terminal with capital funded. Our traders will ensure you make money via BUILDERFX trading system.

Can I use a DEMO MT4 to trade copy your trades from BUILDERFX?
Yes. By becoming a PLATINUM Member, we give you access to tradesheet which allows you viewing rights to our Manual trades. Along with that, we also allow you to attach a DEMO MT4 to our trade copier to monitor BUILDERFX trades. To become a platinum meber, please subscribe via MEMBERSHIP PAGE

Is there any guarantee on Trade Copier return?
No. The trading system has been run between 2010 and 2018 and hence has seen a vast variety of markets. It has never had a negative month. Max DD was limited to 33% during chf peg days. Otherwise on an average the system has very little DD.

Do you also teach trading
By following our daily analysis and chart setups you will become a very established trader. Following strict stop management, you will become a good trader. We use swing trading as the basis for our manual trade sheet

Do I need to be with a specific broker?
No. Use any MT4 enabled broker.

Are spread betting accounts allowed?

Am a US client. Can I attach my account ?
No. Unfortunately, this system will not abide by FIFO regulations.

I want to DEMO trade. How can I do that ?
You can subscirbe to DEMO package at membership. Once registered, please send us your MT4 demo account details. You can then monitor the performance.

I have a Live MT4 ready to go. What is the procedure to start the copier ?
You need to send us an email with MT4 login and password and server. We will install the copier and you will get the trades on your account. If you change password, you will stop receving the trades.

What is the fee for the trade copier ?
We do not charge any upfront fee. We charge on the basis of your profits. We share details of the fee via email but it is a very standard and transparent procedure.

How can I pay the fee ? Will you deduct the fee from account ?
You pay the fee via paypal or bank transfer only. We do not under any circumstance substract fee from your account. We do not have authority to touch your capital. If you fail to pay the fee, we stop access to signals. It is completely upto the client on paying the fees.

What is the trading system behind the trade copier ?
The trading system is called BUILDERFX with specific rules. It has been explained here: BUILDERFX

May I know a bit about your team ?
The team has many capable traders and engineers. Led by Fred and is often the one who will chat with you on email. Situated out of singapore. We trade stocks, forex, commodities and bonds. We have a wide array of experiences

Are there risks to trading forex ?
Yes as all asset, trading has its risks. We deploy powerful risk management tools and we keep DD to under 25% at all times. Because we are using both trend trading and reversal trading, our DD tends to be very small and 25% is a number which will not be touched in regular trading. But as always we would like to inform, trading forex is extremely profitable and far more profitable than any other asset but it does have its own risks as well. But you are with the best team in the world to make great returns at measured and controlled risk.

Am ready to start. What do I do ?
To start, please fund a MT4 account and get in contact with us at adminsupport [@] (remove spaces) and send us an email.